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Recommended Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2020

GAGANETTA is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (TR). They are level 27 (Trendsetter movie star).


They have been an active player, across multiple accounts and servers since early 2012, since then They have been known to hold many VIP / Diamond Package giveaways, via Art books or previous Instagram pages.
Their account began gaining popularity after they managed to hit level 23 in just 7 days! They managed to do this by buying a year star VIP, and 2 diamond packs, then drip glitching, greet spamming, and collecting autographs while on fame boost.
As well as an active MovieStarPlanet player, Henry (GAGANETTA) was also known in the Roblox "modelling" community via the name of "LAYYTEX" before unfortunately being banned for bad behaviour.
GAGANETTA is slowly rising to fame on the game, across multiple servers as well as working on their own YouTube Channel

Usual Appearance And Style

Their fashion inspiration is derived from the 2018 line of "Bratz" fashion dolls, (Designed By Hayden Williams) edgy... and always on-trend. Their favourite colours are on quite a large range, going from pastel pinks, all the way to deep dark blues; reminiscent to that of sea blue. GAGANETTA likes to keep a well-branded face, Of puckered up lips, raised brows, lovely blue eyes and a snatched nose covered in adorable freckles! this style is definitely influenced by Henry's love for the social media space for beauty.


  • The username "GAGANETTA" is derived from their favourite music artist Lady Gaga.
  • GAGANETTA roughly translates to "GAGARELATIVE" from Italian, a joke between Henry and their friends.
  • They live in the ghetto of England but stay on the Turkish MSP server as they believe it has lesser ping (lag)
  • The user is known for their fierce overspending while serving high fashion and futuristic looks, often changing their outfit multiple times a day!
  • As well as taking fashion inspiration from the dolls, Henry is also known to collect them, having a total of over 55!
  • In-game they are well-known to have lavish spending habits, buying each diamond pack to stay on-trend, and keeping up with (as well as buying MULTIPLES!) all of the collectible items. (Drip set, Pixel set, etc.)
  • GAGANETTA often spends time hanging out with their best friend Jadè, usually in the VIP chatrooms, or at parties in real life.
  • Recently GAGANETTA has peaked at #5 trending movie stars on the MovieStarPlanet Wiki Page, they are extremely happy with this achievement due to only playing the game for just over a week when this happened.
  • In real life, GAGANETTA has a huge love for makeup and graphic design. combining the two has birthed a new cosmetics line "Peachling cosmetics" in which Henry is the founder, CEO,and creative director.
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