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Liked Star
Member Since: July, 2015

FrostyRadium was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). They were level 10 (Liked Star).


Frosty was best known for making comedy forums, one of their forums getting over 1,000 comments. Frosty leveled up through loves on their artbooks, views on their movies, and autographs. When they went on MovieStarPlanet, they often made random forum threads.

However, on August 15th of 2016, FrostyRadium quit. Their account is now deleted. They started using an account called PropertyVines, but that account got banned after she impersonated a moderator on a comedy forum called "Break the Rules". Frosty (or PropertyVines) is now under a new account called MatteSarcastic, is currently at level 9, and a popular forumer.

Usual Appearance & Style

Frosty had strawberry pink "Cool Cat" lips, brown eyes, and light skin. They were usually seen wearing light shades of purple or pink. They often wore items such as dresses and high heels as their looks were inspired by detective clothing.


  • They were friends with the user "Shevonnie".
  • They have a crush on YouTuber Dan Howell (danisnotonfire).
  • Their pronouns are they/them.
  • Their backup was "Flying Guitarkid".
  • They've been hacked in the past.
  • They support LGBT+.
  • They hate 5SOS.
  • They love the band "P!ATD".
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