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Fran Is Epic
Majestic Movie Star
Fran Is Epic.png
Member Since: July, 2012

Fran Is Epic is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 93 (Majestic Movie Star), and is on the 2nd page of the UK server's highscores board.


Fran Is Epic is a highly popular MovieStar on the UK server, being close friends with the likes of IzzyWizzyWooxox and Roxy-1. She gained most of her fame from starring in her best friend Roxy-1's movies. She has a team known as Epiclings, which was previously the biggest team on the UK MSP. Her movies are mostly short movies and horror movies, and her ArtBooks are usually made for friends.
In 2014, Fran Is Epic quit, but has recently come back.

Movies And Artbooks


Fran Is Epic often makes horror movies, her most popular ones being POSSESSION and Infected, which is based on The Last of Us. Fran has also made short movies, which have proven to be popular. Despite Fran's popularity, she doesn't make as many movies as her BFFs do.


Fran often makes ArtBooks dedicated to her friends. She recently joined teams with Roxy and have created 'Foxylings'. Fran, Roxy and Isha have made a team called Heroes to stop bullying and hate on MSP. She has also made meaningful ArtBooks "I'm Fine" and "You Are Beautiful" which are some of the most popular on the server. She has also been making Competition ArtBooks for her Fans & Club.

Usual Appearance And Style

Fran has plump nude lips, hazel eyes, tanned skin, and a pointy nose. She often changes her style and often chooses new lips to go with new outfits, and new eye shadows too. She sometimes twins with her best friend IzzyWizzyWooxox. She is usually seen wearing light brown hairstyles and light colored outfits.


  • She has many accounts including Pariah, Funnily and ! Fran<3.
  • She helped create the group "Heroes" with ishacool, pandypolo, and roxy-1.
  • She was seen in person on Tinychat with IzzyWissieWooxox while in an airport during the month of April. She was in front of hundreds of fans. 
  • She has some of the most popular ArtBooks on the UK server.
  • She is part of the extremely famous and exclusive 'Cookie Crew'.
  • She claims to have a lot of 'butin', and to this day, it is unclear of what this word means.
  • Her birthday is August 30th.
  • She is 17 years old.
  • She is currently dating the user 'Mike Is Sleepy' and she helped him create his account, which can be viewed on her YouTube Channel.
  • Her YouTube channel is Fran Is Epic MSP.
  • Her highest loved look has 860 loves "Laady gaga ~ Meat dress 2010 Mt"
  • She has over 568,000 views on her MSP profile page.
  • One of her favorite type of videos to watch are MSP skits found on YouTube.