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Forum logo

Forums are a feature on MovieStarPlanet that allows users to write about anything. You can go from posting opinions, writing about how you feel, creating a roleplay with other MovieStars, playing a game, or creating polls.

There are six different forum categories: Friends & Fun, Movies, Games, Help, VIP, and MovieStarPlanet. VIP forums can only be created and seen by VIP members. MovieStarPlanet forums can only be created by MSP Staff.

For non-VIPs, once you create a forum, you have to wait an hour before creating another one. However, VIP users can create up to three forums per hour. You have to be either level 6 or VIP to write posts in the forums.

MSP Staff Forums

Forum about new levels coming soon.

The MovieStarPlanet Staff are known to make forums announcing important news about website updates, specials, or interesting events in real life. The picture on the right is a forum made by the MSP Staff about about the new levels and new ways to earn fame.   


  • Active forumers usually have unique usernames, and a certain aesthetic. This is a way for them to stand out.
  • A lot of users tend to use the "Friends & Fun" category.
  • "Forumer Awards" was a previously popular term used for a user who wanted other users to nominate their favourite forumers for certain "awards". For example, awards can include "Best Forumer" or "Most Stylish Forumer".
  • In 2015, forums began to be used as more of a way for quirky and regularly older members of the site to tell their stories, interact or even troll the forums.
  • If the forum isn't appropriate then it could be removed by the moderators.
  • MovieStarPlanet's official forums have blue backgrounds, while regular players have purple backgrounds.
  • People who use forums alot like to classify theirselves as "Forumers"
  • There isn't a comment limit for forums. (Same with artbooks, movies, etc.)
  • There was previously an extra category of the forums named 'Anything', where you could write anything you wanted as long as they followed the website's rules. The category was removed at the end of October 2012, when forums were massively overhauled.