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Ace Movie Star
Member Since: March, 2015

Fascade is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 19 (Ace Movie Star).


Fascade earned her fame by doing the quests and giving out greetings after buying Star VIP. She isn't very known, but can be found roaming in chatrooms. She currently has no movies or artbooks.

Usual Appearance and Style

Fascade has greenish-gray "Pretty Perfect" eyes with black eyeshadow, a slightly round, pointy nose, peachy-pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, and tanned skin. She wears a variety of different hair colors with her outfits. Her style is mostly Tumblr inspired, but she can often be seen wearing a variety of "urban" or "soft ghetto" looks as well. She is sometimes seen wearing revealing clothes, but can be covered from top to bottom, too.


  • She is a user on this wiki as Fascade.
  • Her username Fascade is just facade but with an s. Facade means to be a fake illusion or appearance, superficial.
  • Fascade originally joined MSP in August, 2011.
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