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The Fame Magazine is a feature in MovieStarPlanet. It shows a log of the players fame earnings and gives small amounts of bonus fame to be claimed depending on the player's earnings.

Players level 4 and higher can access the fame magazine by selecting "activities" from the top navigation and then choosing the magazine icon (the third icon down).

Logged earnings

It will log the following:

  • Fame and coins earned from the players movies.
  • Fame earned from movies the player starred in.
  • Fame earned from autographs the player received.
  • Fame earned from room loves.
  • Fame earned from artbook loves.
  • Fame earned from look loves.
  • Fame earned from create and rate.
  • Fame earned from photo loves.
  • Fame earned from status update loves.
  • Coins earned from look purchases.

Removed earnings:

  • Fame earned from YouTube playlist loves.
  • Fame and coins earned from MSP apps.

Claiming bonus fame

A player can claim bonus fame by clicking the "bonus" button below each section and then the "Claim!" button located below the treasure chest on the left. The player can claim as many or as few sections as they'd like each time.
Once a section of the fame magazine is claimed, that section will reset.


  • The Fame Magazine was introduced in May 2013.
  • In the old fame magazine, if the player did not claim all of their bonus fame at once, the rocket animation was different than if they did.
  • The second page of the old fame magazine had a different background image.
  • The fame magazine was previously placed in the top left corner on the main page of the map before an update, which added the activities list.
  • Official files, related to the fame magazine, refer to it as the "notification center".
  • Before the Piggy Bank was introduced, Super and Elite VIP members collected their daily bonus from the Fame Magazine.
    • The daily bonus reset every day meaning that if the player didn't collect their daily bonuses everyday they would miss out on it for that day.
    • The player was not given a notification when their daily bonus needed to be collected (Possible glitch).
  • In July 2016, the fame magazine's rocket was changed to a treasure chest.
  • In the mobile app, you can see how much fame you have in total.


  • When first introduced, players were getting equal amounts of fame and coins for each movie view. The amount of fame earned determined the amount of coins earned. (Patched)
  • The fame magazine could be seen from every menu screen. (Patched)
  • The fame earned showed that it was the same as the amount of bonus fame. This didn't affect the true amounts of fame earned. (Patched)


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