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Fame (or fame points) is a unit of measurement used to show the player's progress in MovieStarPlanet and MovieStarPlanet 2. When enough is earned, the player will level up and gain a variety of perks from their new level.

Earning Fame on MovieStarPlanet

There are various ways to earn fame on MSP, including:

Earning Fame on MovieStarPlanet 2


There are various ways to earn fame on MSP 2, including:

  • Completing the daily goals.
  • Claiming the daily free and VIP gifts.
  • Playing StarQuiz.
  • Buying any furniture, clothing, moods and animations. (The first 200 StarCoins and 5 Diamonds gain you fame)
  • Receiving and sending autographs.
  • Petting your own or others' pets.
  • Getting others to like your status update, artbooks, looks, home and comments.
  • Getting others to view and like your movies.
  • Giving gifts to other users. (Unlocked at level 8)

Fame Boosts

You can get a Fame Boost by completing any of these actions.

  • Purchasing VIP to earn 25% more fame on MovieStarPlanet and 20% more fame on MovieStarPlanet 2.
  • Purchasing a "Fame Booster" to earn double the fame for an hour. (Currently only available on MovieStarPlanet)
  • Becoming a "Celeb" to earn 10% more fame. (Currently only available on MovieStarPlanet)


  • Prior to the new leveling update on original MSP, certain things like buying items or saving a changed room didn't reward any fame to the player.
  • In April 2022, players found a "glitched" item that would reward over 2 million fame when opened as a gift [PATCHED].