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FELIXMcMoney is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 26 (Lifestyle Movie Star).

This person is everywhere


Felix has had two owners total: the original one (2012-2018, then 2021 to present) and a friend of hers "MrStealYoChicken" (June 2021-Nov 2021). Her account was banned from the second owner's ranting Gacha artbook, due to ranting about how bad the fandom was (which had been about the actual fans, as opposed to the game itself) which was later deleted. It was the reason why she was banned in 11/22/21. The first owner eventually got FELIXMcMoney back a week later. The first owner leveled her account skipping two levels by completing the achievements.

Her artbooks and looks usually consist of cosplays, like Doki Doki Literature Club, Ace Attorney, etc.

Usual Appearance and Style

Though her looks usually consist of cosplays, Felix is usually outfitted in store items in the far back of the catalog.


  • Her main is Rayesha.
  • She started out with 6 accounts when she first joined MovieStarPlanet in 2012.
  • FELIXMcMoney was her first male account.
  • She is the nicest MovieStar you'll ever meet.
  • There were two different owners, the second one being "MrStealYoChicken" An user who have some extreme anger issues..yikes..