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Member Since: August, 2016
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Everlasting is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet. (IE) She is level 28 (Recommended Movie Star).


Everlasting, also known as Daria, originally joined on the Polish server in 2012. She quit MSP for three years due to the loss of her account. In August 2015, she came back under the username "Darzozo"; however, she later transferred to this account. Daria is best known for her presence on the forums. She gains most of her fame from autographs and watching movies. When online, she spends most of her time messaging friends and going on the forums.

Daria quit for about a month in the early summer of 2016 and February 2017 due to exams, although managed to maintain her online friendships and reputation.

Daria only makes short movies, which get around 10-30 views. She previously made series on her old account, "Darzozo", which are usually left incomplete and consisting of about four to five parts.
She currently has twenty-one artbooks.

Usual Appearance and Style

Daria has light brown eyes with pink eyeshadow, a pointy nose, and peach lips. She doesn't like to change her outfit very often, but is usually seen wearing dark brown or dark blonde hair and freckles. She is not very keen on making looks anymore, although she has over 100 looks on "Darzozo".
Daria considers her outfit style quite "earthy". She likes making outfits with subtle colors, such as white and different shades of gray as well as black shoes. She also makes her outfits based on earthy colors, with an occasional pop of bright colors.


  • She is 17 years old.
  • Her real name is Daria.
  • She has been on forums since October 2015.
  • Her MSP profile page has over 6,100 views, although "Darzozo" has over 12,500.
  • She stopped using "Darzozo" because she got bored and wanted a fresh start.
  • She speaks Polish and English fluently.
  • She loves the band R5, now known as "The Driver Era".
  • Her favorite colours are yellow, orange and green.
  • Her birthday is January 14th.
  • She has had VIP for 5 months in total.
  • Her favorite subject is accounting.
  • She enjoys playing badminton and she is currently on her school's badminton team.
  • She edits her MSP biography frequently.
  • She considers her Darzozo account to be a mature version of her Everlasting account.