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Erika das Model
Lifetime Movie Star
Erika das Model
Member Since: January, 2011

Erika das Model is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (DE). She is Level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star). She is second on the DE server's highscores board.


Erika das Model makes many movie series and publishes parts daily, they all get thousands of views due to large amount of props used and the clever use of animations. She started making series back in 2011.

Since reaching Level 101, she stopped making movie series and published some movies afterwards. She currently focuses more on her youtube channel and her community.

Usual Appearance & Style

Erika das Model has the old version of the "Sweet Stuff" eyes in light blue and a white eyeshadow. She has tan skin and usually rose "Perfect Pout" lips.

She usually wears pastel colors with a lot of glitter.


  • Her real name is Erika.
  • She is 17 years old.
  • She has her own YouTube Channel.
  • She is good friends with RotiKhaase.
  • She got lots of hate because people accused her for doing fake views.
  • She has made over 100 series.
  • She has earned the most Starcoins on German MovieStarPlanet and is also the only person on the German server to have earned over 100,000,000 Starcoins.
  • Her backup(s): Eriiika, Erushka, ! Erika, - Erika, ArcherD, ErikaMSP!YT, !xErika, stern/
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