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Super Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2013
Ms Sunshine

EmmaXoo12 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NZ). She is level 61 and is fourth on the NZ highscore board.

About & History

Emma joined MSP in February of 2013. She has been very successful with nearly earnt nearly 5 million starcoins. When she logs on she returns auto's and messages her friends. Her account has 'hacked' by a High-scorer names 'Bai' who then told people that she brought the account.

Usual Appearance & Style

EmmaXoo12 has dark purple eyes, a pointy nose, lilac gray lips, and a tanned skin tone. She usually sticks to the weekly theme.


  • Her name is Emma
  • She is 14 years old
  • She played many servers but sticks to NZ now.
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