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Emi Unnie
Upcoming Movie Star
Emi Unnie
Member Since: December 2018

Emi Unnie is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is level 29 (Upcoming Movie Star).


Emi Unnie initially joined MovieStarPlanet in 2013; she reached level 24 before she abandoned the game in 2016 and created a new account over two years later. Now, she is best known for advocating to bring back movie series'; creating movies series' on both her main account and her backup, "Emi Unnie Backup"; and offering tips and encouragement to motivate others to create their own movie series. Between both of her accounts, she has only made one SM, and it was on her backup as a thank you to supporters. When Emi isn't making movie series, she spends her time on MSP supporting her friends with autographs and greetings.

Movies and Artbooks


Although she's had her account since December 2018, Emi Unnie didn't begin making movies until July 2019 when she began her first series, The Washingtons. After the first season ended, Emi got started on her second and more successful series, "The Aurora Killer"; part one is her most viewed movie. She's only ever had one movie on the top page; it was one of the Aurora Killer parts for just a couple of hours, and she was so grateful she made an artbook saying thank you.

On Emi Unnie Backup, she is currently making a series called Send in the Clowns, but she does not add to it very often due to inactivity on that account.


Aside from competitions, which she started doing recently, Emi's artbooks can be divided into two categories: giveaways, which typically involve clothing and contests with fun twists, and serious messages, which are usually either dedicated to friends or for sharing tips. Her most loved artbook and the only one to make the top page, "How To Make Movies", falls under the latter category. She is currently hosting "Emi's Movie Making Competition", offering large prizes to movie makers as part of her mission to bring movie series' back.

Usual Appearance and Style

Emi has brown eyes, a round nose, a tan skin tone, and "Perfect Pout" lips in a color that matches her outfit. Her style is a mix of everything and usually relies on pleasant color schemes. On her backup, she always wears a nose ring and often wears glasses, having much more of an edgy or hipster style. Due to inactivity on her backup, she rarely changes her outfit there, and most of the clothes she owns are costumes for movies. She only makes looks once or twice a week.


  • Emi has three sisters and one brother, and is the middle child (2 older sisters, 1 younger sister, 1 younger brother)
  • The account LilyScore9 is her younger sister, the only sibling of her's still active on MSP
  • Emi is not her real name, but it's the name she always uses on the Internet
  • The word "Unnie" is not supposed to be a last name, but instead is the Korean word for "sister", and it was part of her username because when she made this account, all of her sisters were still active on MSP
  • Her brother had an MSP account for a few months in 2014, but nobody remembers his username
  • Besides her siblings, she knows InfiniteRalek (Josh) and glitterstar250 (Angie) in real life and has been in a real relationship with Josh since October 2019
  • Her birthday is in 2003
  • She is half Korean and half Caucasian, speaking fluent English and semi-fluent Korean since she was so young when her family moved to Canada
  • According to Emi, her birth name is Bakjiwon (박지원' )
  • She is a big fan of K-pop.
  • Her favorite moviestars are "MATHWHIRE" and "MichyBear o3o" for their efforts in helping movie series' thrive
  • Emi almost never rare trades.
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