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Elementti MSP
Beloved Movie Star
Elementti MSP.png
Member Since: February, 2013
Draculaura the Vampire
MustaValkoinen 778
MovieStar MSPn luokka

Elementti MSP is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (FI). She is level 24 (Beloved Movie Star).


The account Elementti MSP was initially made to test what level a MovieStar could reach on their first day of MSP. After buying VIP and going on Fame Booster, she was able to reach around level 7 on her first day of MSP. This was during the old level system, so in the current one, it would be roughly the equivalent of around level 11.

Afterwards, Elementti MSP was mostly notable for making elemental-themed looks. In late 2014, she got a Star VIP membership for a year and, after that, she started to make some artbooks. She gained most of her fame during a fame booster she held in the summer of 2015, during which she leveled from level 14 to level 23 and reached level 24 shortly afterwards. She also gained some fame from starring in a movie made by MovieStar MSP that got more than 400 views.

She quit in 2017.

Usual Appearance and Style

Elementti MSP has dark blue eyes with colorful orange, green, and blue eye shadow, and rouge "Pretty Perfect" lips. She has looks representing different elements such as fire and water. Since Christmas 2014, she has also made looks for special holidays.

She also has looks that represent characters such as Elsa from Frozen. She wore Honduran clothes during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


  • Elementti is the Finnish word for element (like fire, water, etc., not the elements of the periodic table).
  • Her name and style are based on the VIP Pack that was available at the time when she joined.
  • She has four pets. Two of them are from VIP Packs.