Dylan Secret
Extreme Movie Star
Dylan Secret
Member Since: March, 2017

Dylan Secret is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (DE). He is level 71 (Extreme Movie Star).


Dylan Secret, or Dylan, is best known for his YouTube videos and movies. He has gained recognition from his YouTube series, "Pinke Tusssi Verarsche". The series has more than 144,000 views on YouTube. He's gained most of his fame from his room and also his movies. His most watched movie is "Muttertag's KF" with over 650 views. He's also gained fame from giving and receiving autographs. It helped him level from level 21 to level 28 in 1 day. When he's online, he usually gives autographs, loves looks and watched movies made by his friends. He doesn't make a lot of movies or artbooks anymore, but if he does, they usually get about 50 - 100 loves and views.

His most loved artbook has over 2500 loves.

His room has over 50 thousand love-its and is on the seventh page of the highscores.

He has started rare trading in the beginning of 2015 with his account "Queen Blacky Girl", which later got hacked, all the rares on that account were recycled. The account was later deleted. He still had some rares on other accounts and started rare trading there. In 2017, he stopped taking glitched rares and only trading for rares, which aren't glitched. He has been rare trading on #Candy since the end of 2017.

Usual Appearance and Style

Dylan has dark brown eyes, light-colored lips, and a tan skin tone. He used to wear a look with clothes from the weekly theme, but has stopped doing so. He usually wears brown, gold and black colors. He usually wears the same hair, which is always black.


  • His real name is Dylan.
  • He has been playing MSP since September 2013 with his account "Biest666".
  • He has a YouTube channel under the username "Dylan Secret".
  • His back up account is called "#Candy"
  • Other known accounts owned by him are: "- Marylin ♥", "Queen Blacky Girl", "xDylanx332", "#Candy".
  • He was once very active in the forums. He still goes there to chill a little bit.
  • He is on this wiki under the username DylanSecret.
  • He has won the Look Competition twice, once with his main Account and with his backup "#Candy".
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