Awesome movie star
Member Since: September, 2012
Dwiana is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 53 (Awesome Movie Star).


Dwiana became famous when she became super close with MissBex, but they are no longer friends. Dwiana is now known for the founding of her team “Material World” along side her close friends Paris Nova, and Yasmatron. Dwiana leveled threw getting countless support, as well as creating short movies. She constantly loves interacting with her loyal supporters as well as host monthly competitions and giveaways. She also has a YouTube channel that she often enjoys going live on. 

Usual Appearance and Style

Dwiana usually is wearing dark skin with a pointed nose, her lipstick and eye shadow is usually changed to match the look she is currently wearing.

Dwiana has a variety of clothing she wears, you may see her in a beautiful dress one day, and and a sporty crop top with shorts another. Her favorite color is pink, and you can see this from her fashion sense. She also wears team looks created by herself.

Artbooks, Movies, and Looks


Her artbooks are often made for special occasions, usually to announce something. Dwiana also loves to host super fun activities and competitions for her team.


Dwiana loves to create interesting movie series, her most popular are "Naughty Professor." and "US." Dwiana would also release many short movies. May of 2020, all of Dwiana's movies have been virtually deleted.


Dwiana's looks are usually super stylish and fun, Dwiana has a variety of styles. Her style ranges from being a classy business woman, to sports attire, and gala. Dwiana strives to create a new and unique look every time.


  • Dwiana has earned a total of 2 million starcoins.
  • Dwiana created her account in 2012, but passionately begun playing in 2018.
  • Dwiana is 16 years of age.
  • Dwiana has 100 thousand profile views.
  • She believes in racial equality.
  • Her team "Material World" has gained 2 thousand members in only two months.


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