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Donnie C
Legendary Movie Star
Donnie C
Member Since: August, 2011

Donnie C is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 95 (Legendary Movie Star), he is on the 2nd page on the US server's highscores board. Like many other top moviestars, he was hacked and presumably had his account stolen from him.


Donnie C, aka Basket Ball Shorts is best known for being the top Porter boy and for once dating Pumpchkin. His activity went down at level 70, but went back up again at level 71.


  • He is the 2nd top golden Porter Boy of the Dream Team.
  • He likes the colours red and blue.
  • He is the 2nd top male player on the US server.
  • He left MSP around the time when Pump and the rest of the Dream Team were inactive, but returned in September.
  • His supporter group is named Donnie's Angels.
  • He is close friends with "<>Ivan<>" and "CuteStuff.".
  • He's also known as basketball shorts
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