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Dollar Master
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Dollar Master is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). He has been on MovieStarPlanet (UK) since January 2012. He is level 50 (Trophy Movie Star).

 About & History

Dollar Master, also known by his name Sam, is known for his legendary movie series, looks and his bubbly personality. He is known to be selfless, loyal as well as hilarious. He rose to fame on the UK server in early 2013 with his movie series. In the summer of 2013 he published an artbook, "Can You Guess My Crush?", which recieved over 5000+ views in 48 hours. He gained more fame and attention by dating highscorer Fran Is Epic and being close friends with other well-known highscorers like ishacool and roxy-1. He reached level 24 and page 3 in 2013 on the UK highscores. He remained active until early 2015, when he quit the game. He returned to the game in summer 2019. He rarely makes artbooks other than to advertise his movie series. His most popular movie series was "That Girl Is Not For You" (2013) which got an average of 2000+ views per part. Other popular movie series of his are "Love Hurts", "Popularity", "Exploring The Woods" and "The Rich Vs. The Poor". Since returning to MSP in 2019 he has not made a new movie series.

Usual Appearance & Style

Dollar Master has the old blue boy eyes, tan skin and usually blonde hair. His looks change depending on the weekly theme. His style is very bold and colourful and he isn't afraid to mix bright colours together.


  • He has a YouTube channel [1] where he posts regular MSP content.
  • His real name is Samuel, but he is called Sam.
  • He rarely injects himself into drama, however has had countless arguments with highscorers in the past.
  • His birthday is on April 26th.
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