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Diamond Packages are the most expensive VIP option on MovieStarPlanet and MovieStarPlanet 2. Colloquially, they have been shortened to "diamond packs" or "dpacks" so players can more easily refer to them.


Diamond Packages offer the most benefits out of all of the VIP options. Players will receive 120,000 coins and 825 diamonds, a VIP ticket, and exclusive items that can be traded among players.

Diamond Packages come in a male and female variant. Players will recieve the same amount of coins and diamonds regardless of the gender they purchase.



The following list are all of the known ways to obtain a Diamond Package.

  • Bought from the in-game prompt at full price.
  • Bought from the in-game prompt at discounted price.
    • Only available for users with active VIP. Discounted Diamond Packages will reward the user with everything but extended VIP time.
  • Bought from the login screen as a gift certificate at full price and redeemed in-game.
    • Gift certificates are not gendered. Although any user can redeem a Diamond Package gift certificate code, the Diamond Package automatically detects the gender of the user's avatar. Female avatars cannot obtain the male items through gift certificates, and vice-versa.

VIP Ticket

The VIP Ticket is a perk exclusive to the Diamond Package. It was first introduced in 2018 and has been a regular perk of Diamond Packages since.

A VIP Ticket, which is included in the Diamond Pack.

Players who buy a Diamond Package (discounted or otherwise) are given a non-fungible, one-use item that sits in the "VIP Gifts" tab of the trading system. Tickets can be traded between players like regular items. Once traded, the ticket does not automatically activate. Players must manually activate it themselves.

When activated, a VIP Ticket item will grant the user regular VIP for one week. Users who activate the ticket will also be rewarded with 1,000 coins and 10 diamonds.


There have been numerous glitches associated with Diamond Packages throughout the history of MovieStarPlanet.


  • Players were able to "spawn" certain Diamond Package items into the game.
  • By using a VPN, players were able to buy cheapened Diamond Packages.


  • Sometimes upon purchasing Diamond Packages on mobile, the game does not register the purchase and does not reward players with the package.
  • When buying Diamond Packages on mobile, sometimes players are unable to change the color of their items.
  • By using a cheat engine, players are able to give their character eyes from previous Diamond Packages. This is a visual glitch, so players will not actually obtain the item for a later use.
  • May 2022: Players could obtain the May 2022 items by shopping with another player and buying what they have on.


MovieStarPlanet releases a new Diamond Pack campaign every month. These campaigns are themed, usually after an animal, a season, or a holiday. As of 2021, it has become more common for two or more campaigns to release in one month.

A key feature of Diamond Packages are the exclusive items they offer during campaigns. The items come in a male and female version, and they traditionally feature hair, clothing, and a pet. The items of previous packs are for the most part unattainable, making them highly sought-after. Players can trade these rare items, but they cannot obtain them any other way once the respective campaign has ended. Because of this, rare trading has become a popular activity among many players.

It is possible for previous items to become obtainable again. Some items have lost their exclusivity as they have been placed back into the store for an extended period of time. Notable examples include the fire dress from the Elemental Set and the hat from the 2012 Xmas Set. Similarly, exclusive items may return to the store during Rare Week.


While every pack has a male and female variant, many of the male variants have been lost to history. Due to the general lack of cataloguing for the male variants, any that have been recovered have been posted as images inside of the file pages for corresponding female variants. 
Any male variants posted to this gallery are exceptions and considered to be popular sets.














  • The first Diamond Pack was released in December 2011.
  • Generally, female sets are more sought-after than male sets.
  • The older packages feature retired boonies which can still be interacted with today.
  • During the easter and summer seasons, sometimes the Diamond Package goes on sale where players can obtain Star VIP for the price of Normal VIP. This does not discount top-up packs.

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