Deactivatd is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is a Level 16 (Must Watch Moviestar).


Deactivatd is best known for her witty forums, trendy looks, and regularly gifting/greeting various Moviestars. She had previously owned a different MovieStarPlanet account dating back to the year 2014; but took an approximate three-year-long hiatus, eventually returning on a new account in the year 2019. She is generally appreciated for her generous behavior, often described as being sweet and shy, with an eccentric/dark sense of humor. She rarely creates artbooks, and seemingly views them as being over-informative, too constructive, and quite boring.

Usual Appearance and Style

Deactivatd has pale white skin, a rounded pinkish nose spotted with freckles, and dark eyes complimented with dark eyeshadow. Fashion has been a long-term hobby of hers, and she enjoys dressing up as a combination what could be easily described as a mixture of Casual Chic, Neo-Grunge, and dainty Lolita.


  • She loves studying and critiquing subjects relating to Occultism
  • Her favorite color is baby pink
  • She is an artist, often painting or drawing portraits
  • She is 16 years old
  • She selects random Moviestars she finds on forums, friends, or mutuals, & rewards them as she sees fit
  • Her favorite type of animal is a reptile


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