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Loved Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2017
2 cool 4 all of u
Wolf Stone Msp

Dj<3PuppieCutie<3 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 17 (Loved Movie Star).


DJ<3PuppieCutie<3 made many friends while playing games, specifically "Dress up", and as she made more friends, she gained more popularity. She earned a lot of her current fame from autographs, playing quests, playing the video games, and she also got a boost from her VIP. When she is online, she spends a lot of time shopping (because of the coins from her year VIP), chats with friends, and makes artbooks when she feels inspired. She is known for frequently making them about random things and being a good friend by chatting a lot and being nice to others. She makes artbooks, and movies very often compared to some moviestars, and makes them when she feels like it. Her movies usually get around an average of 2-7 views per movie, and they usually star !C H I L L!, Wolf Stone MSP, and MoonKitten64, who she spend much time chatting with and are good friends with. One notable event was the creation of her first artbook. It has about 30 loves and many positive/humorous comments. She creats artbooks whenever she feels like it, usually every few days about no specific thing and just randomly.

Usual Appearance & Style

DJ<3PuppieCutie<3 has light tan eyes, peach skin, and black lips. She almost always wears a gray and pink mask that covers her mouth, like the one shown in the infobox. The looks she make are pretty similar, but she's taking a break from making them. Her looks don't get many likes, though. They're mainly casual, but they have fancy dresses once in a while. A lot of her recent-ish looks have black and hot pink hair.


  • She currently has around 100 friends.
  • She got her Star VIP on October 19.
  • She knows !C H I L L!, Wolf Stone MSP, and Moonkitten64 in real life.
  • Her highest leveled friend is laylah2008.
  • She is on the wiki under the user PotatoWingsFlyy32.
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