D@nny Jr is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 49 (OMG Movie Star).


D@nny Jr
OMG Movie Star
D@nny Jr
Member Since: September, 2015
The Laughing Unicorns Fan(4th
D@nny Jr is best known for giving people VIP to help them level, usually on his rare account 'Vąl'. Originally, he frequented the forums, however, he since stopped visiting them. Now, he spends his time talking to his friends, creating YouTube videos and helping people level up. He does not create movies, artbooks, or post photos. However, his most liked photo that he has posted before is 'Like for a gift', gaining 2619 likes. The account originally gained fame from being a US scream team main, although it appears to now be completely unassociated with the team.

He is normally found to be 'on hide' as he says he struggles to reply to messages. Occasionally, he does not go and hide and instead sits and replies to everybody.

Usual Appearance and Style

D@nny Jr has olive colored 'Honest Hero' eyes, a freckled nose, lips with a white piercing and dark eyeshadow. He normally dresses in a 'grunge' style, or bases his look off of himself in real life. He typically has either purple-pink hair to match his real life self, or grey hair with a matching beard. He doesn't change his look very often, usually staying in the same outfits for weeks to months on end. He always has red blush on over his nose and cheeks.


  • His real name is Valentin, although he normally just calls himself Val.
  • He is 14 years old.
  • His birthday is on the 9th of August 2005.
  • He is German, though says he can only speak very few words of German.
  • He didn't create his account, it was made by ex-scream team main Jason, who quit.
  • He has a YouTube channel which can be found here
  • He spends the majority of his time on discord.
  • His account has amassed 97,000 views on it's profile.
  • He began playing MovieStarPlanet as the age of 8.
  • He states he will 'never reveal his face or voice'.
  • His favourite color is red.
  • He lives in the UK but doesn't like the UK server.
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