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Great Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2014

CrazieMeDee is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 51 (Great Movie Star).


Crazie is best known for her numerous giveaways and contests, which she holds usually once or twice a month. However, she gained most of her fame from her movies, her most popular having over 1,700 views. Her most attracted movies are usually her long term series, like "Dating Game", or her short mini movies, such as "Red Riding Hood" or "That's Betta". She most commonly gets her ideas for her movies through stories she reads, shows she watches, and daily life activities.
All of Crazie's artbooks have to do with her giveaways or contests. Some of her artbooks are extensions to her movies, in which users comment and rate her movies and get automatically entered into her current giveaway, and some are focused around holidays, like her "Christmas Giveaway".

Usual Appearance and Style

Crazie has dark brown eyes, deep red lips, and dark skin. Like Crazie's movies, she gets inspiration for her outfits through stories, TV shows, and everyday life. Her clothing is almost always matching and her style is generally girly, but it's sometimes altered to match the current weekly theme. Each individual look of Crazie's has a specific theme to it, including holidays, animals, seasons, and retro. Her looks tend to be quite popular as they usually gain over 90 loves, her most popular being "CraZie Animal".


  • Crazie's little sister introduced her to MSP after two years of begging. She's been addicted ever since.
  • She does not have a name for her supporters. She just refers to them as her friends.
  • Her favorite color is a soft baby blue.
  • She has a dog.
  • She loves to draw and dance.
  • She dislikes people who beg on MSP.
  • When she isn't on MSP, Crazie will usually be playing Plants vs Zombies or Gummy Drop.
  • She got over 1,700 views on her "Red Riding hood" movie.


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