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Cotton Candy Sparkle
Beloved Movie Star
Cotton Candy Sparkle
Member Since: July, 2014
- ♥

Cotton Candy Sparkle is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 24 (Beloved Movie Star).


Cotton initially became known through her YouTube channel, which received a lot of hate before she quit uploading videos. She is currently well known for being both a forumer and a rare trader. She has been a forumer since April 2015 and usually makes forums about what happens on MSP or jokes. She's gained most of her fame from awards and the Fame Booster.
She makes occasional artbooks that are usually about random jokes or her rares. She rarely makes movies, but the movies she has created consist of short movies, single movies, and ongoing movie series.

Usual Appearance and Style

Cotton has bright blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes that she always wears eye shadow with, pale pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, a freckled nose, and lightly tanned skin. She always wears two or more colors in her outfits and most often wears the colors pink, black, gray, and white. She often buys "Slush Ice" hair, "Flame Skirts", and "Furries". She also likes wearing her rares a lot and sometimes makes her outfits centered around one rare.


  • Her old YouTube channel was "Cotton Candy Sparkle", and her current channel is "Cotton Candy Sparkle MSP".
    • She likes making MSP videos on there.
  • Her real name is Juliana.
  • She has recently leveled from level 22 to 24 because of the Diamond stage award "Big Spender" and the use of the Fame Booster. She had also leveled from level 11 to 13 using the same method but with a different badge.
  • She owns 134 rares.
  • In December 2014, she quit for 3 months.
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