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Year Introduced: 2013
Appearances: See Section

Coco is a main character on MovieStarPlanet. She is used in the "Socialite" career path.


Name Type Category
Waterfall Hair Styled
Winner Top Tops Outerwear
Rock Tights Bottoms Pants
Lemon Lovely Footwear Heels
Sunset Shades Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
Diamond Gold Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
Summer Neon Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
Panama Cool(Exclusive) Accessories Hats


  • She is the character for the "Socialite" career path.
  • She is featured on the in-game item "MSP Bed".


  • She is the sister of Caesar.
  • In the preview images shown for the MovieStarPlanet mobile app, a moviestar dressed like Coco with the username "Pinkura" is shown. It's unknown if this is intended to be Coco and represent what Coco's username would be if she were a normal moviestar. There is no official MSP staff accounts with username "Pinkura" and it is not blocked from use for regular players.


  • Caesar and Coco
  • The "MSP Bed".
  • "Pinkura"

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