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Clothes, are clothes on MovieStarPlanet. They vary in different categories (Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Hair and Accessories) and can be bought with starcoins or diamonds, or can be earned from events. You can change the colors of the clothes and hair, just as you can change the colors of other items in the game.


You can get clothes from the Clothing shop in the Shopping area located on the map, or the Diamond Shop also found in the Shopping area. The Diamond Shop contains all the clothes and accessories that cost diamonds. When you enter the Tops category, you can choose a subcategory that consists of all tops, shirts, t-shirts & tank tops, outerwear, sweaters, and miscellaneous. Dresses will also appear in tops but there is no subcategory for them, instead you have to go to the separate dress tab. 


The bottoms category is for bottoms, like pants and shorts. The subcategories are all bottoms, pants, tights, shorts, and miscellaneous. Skirts appear in bottoms but there is no subcategory for them. You will find them in the dresses category.


The Footwear category is for shoes and any other type of footwear. The subcategories are all footwear, boots, heels, sneakers, shoes and miscellaneous. There are all sorts of shoes, from furry boots to roller skates.


Accessories include jewelry, tattoos, bags and many more. The subcategories are all accessories, hats, headwear, jewelry & glasses, scarves & bags and miscellaneous.


The hair category includes all styles of hair. The subcategories are all Hair, long Hair, short Hair, styled, miscellaneous. Some hairstyles have headbands or bows in them already, while some are just the hair and you can add the accessory. 

VIP Exclusives

When you buy VIP, you unlock special clothes and hair marked VIP. If you are VIP, you can purchase those items. However, if you are not a VIP, a popup will appear telling you that you can't purchase that item unless you are VIP. Some VIP items are sometimes the same as a non-VIP item, but have more color options or have sparkles and can cost less. 

When you buy VIP, you also receive Diamonds and you can purchase the clothing or accessories that cost diamonds. Since diamonds are more valuable, the prices are not 100-500 diamonds (like starcoins are, they cost around one to fifteen diamonds. 

Drip Collection

Drip shorts

Starting with a top released during the "Bubble Pop" theme in November 2017, MSP began a collection that users have dubbed the "drip collection", as it features clothes that appear to be dripping. Many items from this collection can be purchased in the clothing store, but some were exclusively released in a diamond package in December 2018.

Drip top
ver şunu aq
Msp drip dpack
Drip cap
Drip animation
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