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Upvoted Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2013

Cherri is a well-known user on MovieStarPlanet (NZ). She is level 42 (Upvoted Movie Star)


Cherri is known for her short movies and great looks. Cherri's short movies are often made when she's on Fame Booster and to help friends level up. Her short movies sometimes make it to the top weekly movies. When the server was released, Cherri and her friend "! EllaGirl !" were very popular and gained a lot of attention for their short movies and looks. Many users took inspiration from their style, but has died down since they've both been inactive.

Cherri's artbooks are very popular, and are often for advertising her YouTube Channel, giving out an important message to her fans and friends, ranting, or doing giveaways for rares and outfits. Her most loved artbook is her "Rare giveaway" artbook, which has around 300 loves. Her looks aren't as popular as either her movies or artbooks. Her most popular look is "- look up" which was one of her first looks with 100+ loves.

During summer of 2015 up to September 2016, Cherri didn't create short movies as often and was semi-active on MSP.  She was no longer active after September 2016.

In July 2019, she announced her return after 3 years of break. A lot of players were glad for her to be back and helped her to level 42 and growing. She has received 100+ views on her short movies making it to the top weekly movies.

Usual Appearance and Style

Cherri has a tan skin tone and brown eyes, which are often with spider leg lashes. She often wears piercings and a lot of accessories and jewelry. She used to wear "LA Lashes" as a part of her appearance back when she started, but doesn't do it as much anymore.


  • She has been on the highscores ever since the NZ server was released.
  • She used to be CherriRapp on the Danish server, but shortened it to Cherri on the NZ server.
  • She has an account on Spanish and Danish servers.
  • Her Spanish account used to be Chayene1 (formerly Chayene).
  • Due to inactivity back in summer 2016, she sold her account to her friend, itzfairy, from the ES server.
  • She used to buy VIP all the time.
  • She and her close friend "! EllaGirl !" met on the Danish server in 2012, knowing each other for 7 years.
  • She and her close friend "! EllaGirl !" were locked out for 6 months. They received a lot of attention during their lock and after they were unlocked.
  • Her real name is Chayene.
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