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Chat rooms are places where you can meet and chat with friends, strangers and acquaintances. However, it may not always be the right desicion to add someone as a friend who you haven't talked to yet.

Chat Rooms

There are seven chat rooms that players can visit. Each 'room' has different servers (such as the Cafe might have another version called 'Dolphin Cafe') which can be viewed by clicking the dropbar. The chatrooms are: Cafe, Beach, Mall (Level 8+), Skate Park, VIP Club (VIP Members only), Pet Park (can only be accessed if the player has a boonie or pet) and a theme-based chat room (can only be accessed if the player is wearing clothing of the current theme).

MSP Chats

Moviestarplanet chatrooms


Chatrooms 2017


Although chat rooms are fun and a great way to talk to new people, they can also be dangerous. Many have experienced incidents with hacking, inappropriate language, bullying, etc. Although most chatrooms are safe, users are encouraged to be on the lookout for danger.

All chatrooms (and all of Moviestarplanet) are programmed with "safe chat" which can be restrictive when wanting to express something even when not breaking the rules. Certain phrases are blocked in chatrooms, and words when combined in certain ways in a sentence may be blocked. The moderator safety screen ("MSP Police") will pop up if you use a blocked word. If you ignore a warning from the ("MSP Police") and continue acting inappropriately, you can get banned from chatting for 5 minutes. Some people nowadays have learned how to glitch certain words into save chat by putting other words before, or after it.

Examples: Sex pistols, spotted dick.

Moviestarplanet moderators have gotten rid of a few chatrooms due to lag, hacking, bullying, inappropriate language, etc.


  • The cinema chat room was added earlier than the theme-based chat room but later than the other chat rooms.
  • Before an update in 2011, every chatroom was available for all users. However, each chatroom had a VIP server, a level 2+ server and a level 5+ server.
  • Before the level update in 2014, the mall was level 5+.
  • Before an update in June 2015, there was a High School chat room. However, it was replaced with the chat room that is based on the current theme. This was likely due to the chat room being much more highly prone to glitches and bugs than the other ones. It was also the only chatroom that wasn't visible on the map.
  • Numbered chat rooms are often added when regular chat rooms are full.
  • The Cinema chatroom was removed.
  • The Backgrounds of the Beach and Mall chatroom were revamped on 8th January 2019.

Glitches & Errors

  • There were some furniture in a chat room. However, this is very unlikely to happen anymore.
  • People could glitch into Chatrooms and stay there until the chat is closed. (patched)   
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