Cool Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2013

Brooke9009 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 23 (Cool MovieStar).


Brooke initially gained recognition after Hollyrenee commented things about her in her guestbook. She receives most of her fame and recognition from starring in various movies and her artbooks, which normally get 30 or more loves; however, she also gains some fame from her own movies.
She often makes short movies, and at times will make series that she usually ends up cancelling. She makes various artbooks about her friends and upcoming movie series.

Usual Appearance and Style

Brooke has blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, black eyebrows, light pink "Perfect Pout" lips, and a freckled nose. She wears a variety of colors but wears black most of the time. She changes her outfit daily, wearing a wide variety of styles and themes. From time to time, she makes looks.


  • She can be found on this wiki as Brooke9009.
  • She plays the harp.
  • She does disco freestyle.
  • She has many friends.
  • She is a very loyal "Angeling".


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