I - THE TRUTH!!! :'(
Mybeau: You said you loved me...
Packers: I love you, but I love someone else too.
Mybeau: You told me I'm the only one in your heart.
Packers: You're not! Sorry.
Mybeau: You promised you'd never lie to me.
Packers: I lied to you from the beginning.
Mybeau: So, you're with her too when you're with me.
Packers: Yes, I am.
Mybeau: You told me you broke up with her.
Packers: Nope!
Mybeau: How could you do this to me? (Crying Emote)
Packers: I don't know.
Mybeau: And now you removed my from your heart box(relationship spot) after you'd promised you'd never remove me. (Crying Emote)
Packers: Because I want to stop lying and only want you as a best friend.

II - THE TRUTH!!! :'(
(Only has Mybeau speaking)
My friends, now you all know the truth (Emote - ":s")
Thank you for your kind words of sympathy...
It's so nice to have friends like you.
But please, no drama. (Emote - ":s")
Please don't put the blame on him.
Put the blame on me (Emote - ":s")
My best friends; Lori, Brooke, Rose and Jake...
They tried to warn me, but I didn't listen  (Emote - ":s")
It's true when they say that Love Is Blind.
I can't believe I was so blind for so long  (Crying Emote)
I'm feeling so worthless and maybe I don't deserve to be happy  (Emote - ":s")
I'm sure you're all confused and want to ask me; why I put him as my bestie on my profile.
I had been together with him for years. (Emote - ":s")
I'm not ready to let him go completely, (Crying Emote) I'm sorry
Oh God, please help me (Crying Emote) I really love him (Crying Emote)

A Final Goodbye :'(
(Only Mybeau)
I'm trying to be strong...
I'm trying to be tough...
But I can't. (Emote - ":s") I'm so sorry
I can't do this anymore (Emote - ":s")
I can't take this anymore (Emote - ":s")
I can't cope anymore, it's too painful (Emote - ":s")
I'm not as strong as you think. (Emote - ":s") I'm not. (Emote - ":s")
My friends, please be nice to each other.
Please be kind to each other.
Please try to get along with each other.
I know I'm not perfect, I make mistakes.
Please forgive me for all my mistakes.
I know MSP is just a game but my love for him is real (Emote - ":s")
My friends, I'm going to delete everything on Valentine's Day.
I wish you all the best and happiness. Thank you so much for everything. I love you all.

My bad! I said Ross earlier :x

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