Mybeau: You said you loved me...
Packers: I love you, but I love someone else too...
Mybeau: You told me I'm the only one in your heart
Packers: You're not! Sorry
Mybeau: You promised you'd never lie to me...
Packers: I lied to you from the beginning
Mybeau: So, you're with her when you're with me too
Packers: Yes, I am.
Mybeau: You told me you broke up with her...
Packers: Nope!
Mybeau: How could you do this to me?
Packers: I don't know.
Mybeau: And now you removed my from your heart box(relationship spot) after you'd promised you'd never remove me.
Packers: Because I want to stop lying and only want you as a best friend.

(Only has Mybeau speaking)
My friends, now you all know the truth
Thank you for your kind words of sympathy...
It's so nice to have friends like you.
But please, no drama.
Please don't put the blame on him.
Put the blame on me
My best friends; Lori, Brooke, Rose and Jake...
They tried to warn me, but I didn't listen.
It's true when they say that Love Is Blind.
I can't believe I was so blind for so long.
I'm feeling so worthless and maybe I don't deserve to be happy
I had been together with him for years.
I'm not ready to let him go completely, I'm sorry
Oh God, please help me. I really love him.

A Final Goodbye
(Only Mybeau)
I'm trying to be strong...
I'm trying to be tough...
But I can't. I'm so sorry
I can't do this anymore
I can't take this anymore
I can't cope anymore, it's too painful
I'm not as strong as you think. I'm not.
My friends, please be nice to each other.
Please be kind to each other.
Please try to get along with each other.
I know I'm not perfect. I make mistakes.
Please forgive me for all my mistakes.
I know MSP is just a game but my love for him is real.
My friends, I'm going to delete everything on Valentine's Day.
I wish you all the best and happiness. Thank you so much for everything. I love you all.

My bad! I said Ross earlier :x

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