Blue kitty uwu

Blue kitty uwu
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Blue kitty uwu
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Blue kitty uwu is a user on MovieStarPlanet(UK). She is Level 18 (Followed Movie Star).


Blue kitty uwu has a series called 'BitterSweet High' which has 3 episodes so far. She used to make short movies, but has now deleted all of them. She also likes to make MSP edits, and posts them on Photos. They get 5-20 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Blue kitty uwu has bright blue eyes, normal skin tone, a pointy nose and light pink lips. She likes to wear pastel colours, white or shades of blue into her outfits, and sometimes makes outfits for a theme.

Artbooks and Movies

She makes artbooks and movies, but not so often.


Blue kitty uwu rarely makes artbooks, only for special occasions or for fun. Her most popular artbook is save the coral reefs, which has 43 loves.


She is making an MSP series called BitterSweet High which has 3 episodes.

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