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SnowGem SnowGem 3 December 2013

Updates! - MSP Wiki Twitter, Gender Categories, & Main Infobox Image

Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors!
I figured it was time to give an update on my recent blog posts. I have put each topic into a section however I do ask you read each and everyone section as they're all important changes.

MovieStarPlanet Wiki Twitter
There wasn't much buzz on this subject, however the account has since gained a few new followers and as it stands there have been no issues with it's existence.
Unless an issue presents itself in the future, the MSP Wiki Twitter account is here to stay!
I hope you find it to be very beneficial.

Gender Categories
Once again, not too much buzz here. Though there does not seem to be anything against it.
You will now see a category Female and a category Male throughout the wiki.
There is no …

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SnowGem SnowGem 26 November 2013

Updating the Main Infobox Image (Poll)

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SnowGem SnowGem 8 November 2013

Gender Categories (Poll)

Gender categories have now been added to the wiki. if you have any problems or need any help please leave a note on my message wall.

Hello again editors and moviestars. I recently deleted the page for a category that didn't belong on the wiki, however it did get me thinking about adding some new categories to our moviestar pages. Those categories are for gender. Though before adding it in I of course wanted to get the communities thoughts in on it.
This update would include two new categories, Female and Male. They'd work just like the other categories. However do note that the gender would be based on the avatars gender. So if the moviestar is a female using a male avatar the category on that page will be male. Though you could still note t…

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SnowGem SnowGem 3 November 2013

MovieStarPlanet Wiki Twitter (Poll)

The MSP wiki twitter account is here to stay! If you feel there are any problems with it please leave a post on my message wall thank you! Hello there fellow editors and MSPers.
Some of you may have noticed I recently created a twitter account for this wiki. The account is intended to be used as a way to spread the word about the wiki, wiki updates, and offical MSP news(this means there will not be news regarding moviestars).
I (SnowGem) will be running the account solely for now. However the communities words will always be put in when fitting.

I know a lot of moviestars have twitter accounts and that following a stream of updates could be very useful. However it is also going to be used on the main page of the wiki so for those of you who do …

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SnowGem SnowGem 2 October 2013

The "InactiveStub" tag + Help

Hello there once again. This should be the last blog post of mine regarding this matter.

I have just finished implementing the new "InactiveStub" tag. You should now be able to mark any page as an "InactiveStub" by adding .
Please be sure to review the template documentation before using.

Happy editing!

Until the forums are up this post will be the place for help regarding this template.
Seeking help?
Post any and all questions below.

Helpful reminder:When listing a page be sure to choose Edit rather than Add topic.
Depending on the feedback I may add an FAQ here.

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SnowGem SnowGem 21 September 2013

What other edit summaries would you like to see?

Hello there everyone. As you may or may not have noticed there is now a list of default summaries you can add when editing.
I was wondering what other sorts of summaries you'd like to see and also how you'd like them to be categorized if categorized at all.

Here is a list of summaries that already exist,

  • Correcting information
  • Correcting spelling/grammar
  • Revising or summarizing
  • Undoing bad edit
  • Adding new content/expanding
  • Updating general information
  • Updating/adding to Gallery
  • Adding categories
  • Giving page structure
  • Infobox fixes
  • Removing unnecessary information
  • Undoing bad edit
  • Cleanup


If you have any suggestions please leave them below, if not I hope you're still enjoying the new feature.
Happy edit…

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SnowGem SnowGem 18 September 2013

Pages for inactive moviestars (Step 2)

Notice:This feature has already been implemented. See more information here.

Hello again.
If you've not already please read my first post before reading this one. If you've already seen that one then feel free to keep reading.

As of me making this post, the poll and comments show everyone in favor of deleting the pages.
I thought on it for a while and figured this is likely to be the best solution for the deleteing process.

Please take the time to read the below information then vote in the poll at the bottom. Thank you!

How the process of deleting will work.

  • Said pages are marked inactive.
  • Those pages will have blank amount of days to be expanded, if they're not expanded they will be deleted.
  • If pages are not stubs but the moviestar remains inactive,…

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SnowGem SnowGem 9 September 2013

Pages for inactive moviestars

Notice:This feature has already been implemented. See more information here.

Hello everyone!
So I'm just going to get right into it. This is a subject I've been thinking on for quite a while.

As I'm sure many of you have noticed before some of the articles on our wiki showcase inactive users. Now being inactive or deleted is okay in normal cases however a lot of those articles are stubs that can't really be further expanded due to the user being inactive.

Before I even get into possible solutions I need some basic feedback .
If you could please take the time to vote in the poll below it would be a big help.

Don't think too much on your vote. I've already come up with things to go further on them.
Try to vote solely on whether or not you think the…

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SnowGem SnowGem 27 August 2013

"In relationship with" rather than "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"

Hello fellow editiors, today I'm going to talk about an issue with have with our infoboxes. I've noticed this a while ago but it's taken me some time to come up with something better to say.

We have "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" on most of our infoboxes, this is an issue because we base that off the gender of the moviestar. Some moviestars may want to date the same gender and it's unfair to assume their sexual orientation. 
I realize some of you may not be in full support of different types of sexual orientations, but like with other things your personal opinion doesn't belong on the wiki page.

From now on I ask you put "In relationship with" rather than "Boyfriend" or "Girlfriend".

Also don't put "single" put "no one" not only does it sound bet…

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SnowGem SnowGem 24 August 2013

New theme colors.

So as I'm sure you've noticed the wiki looks pretty different than it did just less than 24 hours ago.
This is because I've just updated the theme colors.

I wanted to get everyone's feedback on the new colors before continuing to update the appearance of the wiki.

Cast your vote below. (:

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