• SnowGem

    Sitename Change

    April 14, 2014 by SnowGem

    The feedback given was all in favor of the change so a request was sent to wikia. They have since responded and changed the sitename as requested.

    We're now officially MovieStarPlanet Wiki.

    Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors.
    As some of you may know our wikis sitename is "Movie star planet Wiki". As you may have noticed this seems a bit odd or off.
    Unfortunately there is no easy way to change this sitename and we must contact wikia in order to get it changed. Like most things wikia requires community support or at least not enough users opposing.

    This will likely be a two step process, however should be rather simple.

    As usual, please submit your feedback by using one of the following options.
    It should be noted that "Wiki" m…

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  • SnowGem

    Hacking and Hackers

    April 11, 2014 by SnowGem

    Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors.
    I'm going to start by saying I apologize for the long wait before this update, unfortunately this was no simple decision and the response may not be something all of us like.

    From here on out articles about hackers will no longer be allowed and the terms "hacking" and "hacked" are no longer to be used.

    There are a various reasons as to why. That being said the main reason this change is being made is because the information is not guaranteed true and there is no acceptable proof currently available. This wiki will not serve as a host to such things.
    What do I use instead of "hacked"?
    You'll need to use "compromised". Please do not include any information about who you think it was or may have…

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  • SnowGem

    An update regarding this matter has been made, please go here to review it.

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  • SnowGem

    Sharing Ages

    March 23, 2014 by SnowGem

    Let's start with sharing our own ages with one another.

    Now let's move on to asking others their age.

    Next let's review adding ages to articles.

    I realize some of this may sound harsh, however some of these rules were put in place by Wikia and they're all to protect you or the moviestar in question.
    If you have any questions, feel something was left out, or need to say anything on the matter you're welcome to comment below.
    Happy editing and stay safe!

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  • SnowGem

    Hello there fellow contributors and moviestars.
    The time has come for another update on these two matters. If you have not already, consider reading over the previous three updates. You can find them here, here, and here.

    I'm going to start with our new rules regarding swearing(or cursing).
    From now on no swearing will be allowed. "Damn", "Crap", and "Hell" will not be considered swear words.
    If you're caught swearing you will be issued a friendly reminder*, this will not only give you warning that swearing is not allowed here but it will give you the opportunity to clear any confusion regarding what is and what isn't considered swearing.
    Using misspellings of swears will also count as swearing and depending on the case may get you into more tr…

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  • SnowGem

    Notice! - There has been an update on this matter. No feedback or votes left here will count. Please refer here. Hello there fellow contributors and moviestars. It seems to be the right time for an update on these two matters.
    The feedback on both of these matters ruled in their favor.
    Before I start, if you've not already seen the previous two posts please review them before this one.
    Find them, here and here.

    Moving onward, we still have a few things to weed out.
    Newly created article requirements.
    The issue here is we are not 100% sure on the time before deletion.
    A couple of us brought up 5 days being a good amount. However someone then mentioned how some of us may only be able to get online on the weekends, which may result in them not being giv…

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  • SnowGem

    Hi there my fellow moviestars and contributors.
    Today I wanted to quickly bring up an issue regarding the images of looks for our moviestar articles. I've seen many of you adding the downloadable look files for these images. While it may be easier to get our look files that way it's important that they're taken the way they're meant to be taken.
    Please review the following before adding anymore images of looks.

    Please follow these guidelines when adding such photos.

    • Images should be named accordingly.

    Here is an example of proper naming, MoviestarsUsername-Look00.

    • The border should be included but not space around the border.
    • Make sure to wait until the moviestar "poses" before taking your screenshot.
    • Make sure the moviestar is not blinking.
    • If you …

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  • SnowGem

    Notice! - There has been an update on this matter. No feedback or votes left here will count. Please refer here.

    Once again, Hello my fellow contributors and moviestars. I've felt as if this topic has needed to be brought up for a while now and it is like the title says, should there be requirements for creating a new article?
    Quick notes
    This is going to be a temporary rule. With all the current stub articles on this wiki we simply don't have room for more. However if this seems to work out well and benefits our community it may be kept in place(though obviously changed a bit). Not to worry though, this will be brought up later.
    Another thing I wanted to note is that this is only going to apply to moviestar articles. General articles will not…

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  • SnowGem

    Notice! - There has been an update on this matter. No feedback or votes left here will count. Please refer here.

    Hello there once again editors. I've been meaning to bring this up for a while now and just found the time. I'm going to get straight to the point of this post. Should swearing(cursing) be allowed on this wiki?
    Now if you've been here a while you should now I like to give the community a chance to chime in on every matter, so here I am today to hopefully get some of your feedback.

    So I've decided to make a list of the reasons why swearing shouldn't be allowed on this wiki. However at the same time I understand that there may be reasons why users might like to swear or say "have the option" to.
    Though these are the reasons why there …

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  • SnowGem

    Hello there my fellow moviestars and contributors. I'd like to address an issue I've been seeing quite a bit lately. This issue is excessive fluff editing.

    Before I go on for those of you who don't know what a fluff edit is.
    A fluff edit is a very minor edit. Say, adding just a link, correcting one or two words spelled wrong, removing some HTML, or removing a white space.

    Now of course everything should be perfect on an article and sometimes fluff edits happen. Also sometimes we forget something and make a fluff edit after a larger edit. This is perfectly okay, fluff editing in moderation is no big deal.
    However when half or the majority of you recent edits are fluff edits, that is excessive fluff editing and that is not okay.

    I do realize this issu…

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