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SnowGem SnowGem 31 January 2015

Personality Sections (Wiki Reminder)

Hello there fellow contributors!

I've been noticing an increased amount of these "personality" sections on articles or information explaining the moviestars "personality" in general and I'd just like to remind anyone who has been doing this that these types of sections are not accepted here.
A wikis goal is to provide useful and factual information; there is absolutely no way you can write about anothers "personality" without having opinions and controversy come into play. If this were a wiki about a book, show, play, or something else with "scripted" characters then adding personality sections would be okay, but as long as you're writing about the moviestars of MSP, you're writing about people.

If you want to write about your own personality, the…

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SnowGem SnowGem 29 January 2015

Your Personal Wiki Files

Hello there fellow contributors!
In the coming weeks photo maintenance is going to be a top priority of ours. Part of this means cleanup of current photos and new policies for personal files.
Personal files will not be going anywhere yet, but to help keep our wiki cleaner and prevent them from becoming a problem we're going to be adding some new maintenance-related policies for them.

These will consist of four simple things(most of which are already in place and have just not been clearly announced).

  1. Naming - Personal files will have new naming policies to help separate them from wiki files.
  2. Usage - All unused files(personal or not) will no longer stay on the wiki for long periods of time.
  3. Maintenance - We will now be more strict about expecting y…

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SnowGem SnowGem 28 December 2014

Images of artbooks on articles (Community Update)

Hello once again my fellow moviestars and contributors!
Today I'm going to explain the change we've made to our wiki based on our previous two discussions(see here and here).

We'll now begin allowing images of artbooks on articles so long as they following the related policies.

The Policies

  • No more than three(3) images may be added into the article.
  • Images may only be added if the artbook is relevant to the article/moviestar.
  • Images must be the downloaded image from MovieStarPlanet. General sreenshots will not be accepted.
  • Artbooks must belong to the moviestar the article is about.
    • Exceptions to this rule require admin approval.
  • Adding faked images will be considered vandalism.
  • Images must be named using the following syntax

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SnowGem SnowGem 11 December 2014

Images of artbooks on articles (Community Discussion Pt.2)

Hello again my fellow moviestars and contributors!
Today we have a quick update to our last discussion about images of artbooks on articles.

The response gave a clear answer, this change would be helpful to our readers and our wiki overall.
We would go ahead and add this right now, but we have one thing we need to finish off first.

A limit of artbooks you can add was brought up. Although the artbooks still must have the proper extent of relevance to be added, we didn't want an article overcrowded with them in the cases where a moviestar has quite a few important ones.
So the question we need to discuss is should there be a limit and if so, what?

Thank you for participating in this discussion!

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SnowGem SnowGem 28 November 2014

Images of artbooks on articles (Community Discussion Pt.1)

Hello there my fellow movie stars and contributors! Today I'd like to bring up something that hasn't exactly been mentioned, but definitely seems important. If you couldn't tell by the title, that thing is images of artbooks on articles.

If you're not aware, we currently don't allow images of artbooks on articles mainly due to issues where editors would add irrelevant artbooks. However, there are some cases where having this restriction is actually keeping good and useful information from our articles. So with that said, I'd like to discuss a change to this rule.

What would the change be?
To say in short, we'd be removing this rule.
Now before you get confused, this wouldn't mean we're allowing irrelevant images of artbooks to be put all over…
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SnowGem SnowGem 10 November 2014

Bugs with the recent MSP update (11/10/14)

So far the following servers are known to be affected by these problems

  • US

And the following have not

  • UK - Has not been updated yet // Issue with Halloween items present.
  • DK - Updated // Issue with Halloween items present.

Please use the comments to report further information, discuss the problems, and update us if any problems are fixed.
If problems remain we may need to consider making temporary changes to things like our NCS rule.

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SnowGem SnowGem 8 November 2014

Article Comments (Community Discussion Update)

Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors.
This blog post is a closing to our community discussion about article comments so if you've not already, you should review the previous two(here and here) discussions.

The discussion on the last post was a bit unclear and slow, however there seemed to be one more popular option and that was that we only add the policy to the comments section for now and see if we need to go any further later.
So with that settled, we have begun Phase 1 of our plan.

As of today the following changes have been made.

  • This policy has been added to our wiki.
    "No discussion of your opinions on moviestars within the article comments"
  • Comments breaking this policy are now due for deletion and will eventually deleted.
  • A remin…

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SnowGem SnowGem 22 October 2014

Problems With the NCS Rule (Community Discussion Pt.1)

Hello there fellow moviestars and contributors. As most of you are probably aware we currently have a rule set in place that we call the "NewlyCreatedStub" or "NCS". It was put in place to prevent excessive build up of stub articles made about moviestars while we worked to crack down on the current stub articles. This rule has been around for over 6 months now and at the time it still doesn't seem viable to remove it. However, it may be a good idea to make some changes because this rule does have a negative effect on our wiki as well.

The two main negative effects of the NCS rule are

  1. We often scare new users off with this, ultimately depriving our community of new members and new content.
  2. In the cases it does work, articles are often not comp…

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SnowGem SnowGem 21 October 2014

Article Comments (Community Discussion Pt.2)

Also keep in mind that we can add and remove items as time continues. It may not be necessary to add this policy outside of the article comments just yet.

Please leave your responses and ideas below!

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SnowGem SnowGem 10 October 2014

Article Comments (Community Discussion Pt.1)

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