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SnowGem SnowGem 5 September 2015

Let's Talk Moviestar Infobox Again. (Community Update)

Hello again fellow contributors and moviestars!
So this discussion was pretty delayed and was quite slow, however, I think it's fair to assume we've made a decision for the time being.

According to the votes, what we've decided upon is: using design/background for the infoboxes and not using gendered backgrounds.

You'll begin seeing this change as soon the css updates for you.

Happy editing!

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SnowGem SnowGem 2 August 2015

Let's Talk Moviestar Infobox Again. (Pt.2)

Hello there fellow contributors!
Sorry for the late update on this one! Today we'll be continuing our discussion regarding the moviestar infobox background. If you've not already, please review the last part before reading this one.

So there were a lot of mixed thoughts on the last one, but overall most of us agreed to a neutral colored background. However, we did not fully determine whether or not we wanted separate background for males and females or if we wanted to use patterns and/or gradients in the background, so that's what we'll be trying to get settled this time.

Things to discuss:

  • Should we use a pattern or gradient in the background image?
  • Should we use two different backgrounds for males and females?
    • If so, how should the two be diff…

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SnowGem SnowGem 24 June 2015

Let's Talk Moviestar Infobox Again.

Hello there fellow contributors!
If you haven't already noticed, we have a new moviestar infobox, but it's missing a little something. You may or may not remember that the new infobox was meant to have different colored backgrounds for females and males.

I know what you're thinking "Hey, I remember now, why didn't you do that?"
It's simple, I did, but then we updated the wikis theme and the colors no longer seemed fitting. I also felt that many of you would probably want to have another discussion on this after seeing the way the infobox was actually setup. BUT, don't worry, I didn't disregard the entire discussion on it. Let me explain further:
The infobox is setup in a way that will allow us to add this feature without disrupting anything, …

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SnowGem SnowGem 30 April 2015

Spring Cleaning 2015 (Wiki Event)

Hello there fellow editors!
Spring has finally sprung and April showers are nearly over, but before you go picking any flowers, some springtime cleaning is definitely in order.
As you may already know, many of our articles are marked for cleanup and many more continue to be marked. So, with the spring cleaning spirit in mind, I have a challenge for you all.
I challenge you to fully cleanup at least one completed article in need of a serious reworking.

When you've completed the challenge, link your edits below and I'll confirm that you've done the challenge properly.
Once I've confirmed that you've completed the challenge in it's entirety, your wiki username will be added to the list below. Being on said list may or may not include some additiona…

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SnowGem SnowGem 30 April 2015

Community Reminder - (4/30/15)

Hello again editors!
Lately I've been getting the sense that some of you may not realize you don't need special rights to do certain things and I feel like this may be keeping some of you from becoming better editors. While it's true that some things should be left up to users with special rights(like handling reports and making community discussions), a lot of things don't need to be.

Though these are not all of the things, here are some things that every user can(and should!) do on the wiki.

Leave friendly notes about certain policies - No, you still should not leave a user a note about vandalism or anything of that such, but for some of our "guideline" policies, you certainly can! For example, if you see a user is uploading a lot of mis-named …

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SnowGem SnowGem 1 April 2015

Removing Misnamed Files (Wiki Reminder)

Hello there fellow editors!
I'm getting the sense many of you don't know this so I figured I best create a quick post about it.

When you find a misnamed article file you should post it or the article in question here so the file(s) can be renamed. The only time you should remove files are if they don't meet wiki criteria(even if they are properly named).

That's all! As always if you have any questions please do ask.
Happy editing!

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SnowGem SnowGem 29 March 2015

Another Reminder About Responding

Hello there fellow contributors!
Recently I've been noticing a no-good "trend" going around the wiki and I'm hoping I can put a stop to that.

As stated in the previous reminder about this subject, "When you see a comment or post that breaks wiki policies report it so that it can be handled accordingly by a user who knows how and has the ability to, but do not step into the matter yourself.". I've been seeing many of you stepping into these matters again and even worse you've not even reporting the things you're replying to.

I cannot stress how important it is that you report things you see and that you do not reply to them and I won't bother stressing on it further right now either. To keep it short I will simply say again, when you see a comm…

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SnowGem SnowGem 26 February 2015

The Wikis Theme (Community Update)

Hello there fellow contributors and moviestars! I'm pleased to announce that the wikis theme has been updated! We managed to get through the discussions quite quickly and as of today we're looking at a brand new theme that will lead us through 2015 in style.

So far this is just stage one of what is going to be a pretty big update, so hang tight as some bits of the wiki make look slightly off or different right now. Of course, those will all be taken care of in the coming days.
Once the basics are handled and everything looks correct we'll look into making further changes and updates to make the wiki look even nicer!

Staff link colors have been updated!

  • Admins are now Pink.
  • Chat mods are now Purple.
  • Rollbackers will now be Dark Blue.
  • The bot is now a…

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SnowGem SnowGem 19 February 2015

The Wikis Theme (Community Discussion Pt.2)

Hello again editors!
The response to our last discussion definitely gave a solid OK to the proposed theme! That said, there were a few things brought up that are discussion worthy and that we should make sure to go through before moving any further with this.
This post will not be nearly as long as the previous one, so let's begin!

The Header Background
A minor change, but one of our editors noticed that the purple was slightly light and maybe even too light for a theme that's trying to work with more of MSPs colors.

displays the lighter one.

Let us know which one you prefer and why!

The Wordmark
There was one editor who suggested we don't update to the proposed wordmark and stick to the current one with a color change.

displays what the current o…

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SnowGem SnowGem 12 February 2015

The Wikis Theme (Community Discussion)

So now that you've seen the proposed theme and know why some other options don't work, let me explain why this one does work.

It uses multiple colors that match MovieStarPlanet
This fixes our one color theme problem, but it also makes sure we stay true to MovieStarPlanet.

It's main "color" is neutral
In order to insure all of our content looks equally as good on our wiki, the main theme color is neutral. Additionally, this helps to insure that real color stands out.

It's bright, but not blinding
Bright is good when it comes to text, which as mentioned, we have a lot of. This theme keeps the good about brightness, but it doesn't give you so much that it's blinding.

It's the right mix between MovieStarPlanet's design and "modern" design
This keeps ou…

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