• GloryBax

    Hello there wikians and MSPers alike.

    The wiki has been quiet lately and I have been trying my best to watch over it, so some things that need addressing as of this week have come to my attention.

    Reporting Vandalism
    We have experienced a sudden spike in vandalism edits, and I have been trying my best to keep on top of them, but I just can't catch them all and will miss some. I ask that everyone please return to using the thread to report vandalism to the staff. Additionally, please use the other appropriate threads to report other behaviour that goes against our rules. I or another admin are far more likely to see these reports and deal with them accordingly.
    Ongoing Community Discussion
    This discussion has been ongoing since June, and there i…

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  • GloryBax

    Hello again wikians.

    It's time to review the results from the last community discussion and see where we now stand.

    So the general consensus is that the NewlyCreatedStub rule, while intimidating to new users, is vital to our wiki.

    First and foremost, most people thought that seven days is not quite enough time to complete an article. It was pointed out though, that when users are actively working on their articles, these time limits go out of the window. Extended time limits suggested were 10 days and 14 days, so I think perhaps this should go to a vote.

    Another thing most agreed upon is the adding the criteria for a complete article to the NCS message users get where their pages are marked. This being a mostly unanimous decision, it will most…

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  • AbsolTheHiroPone

    This discussion is no longer active.

    Please go to the update on this matter.

    Hello there wikians and MSPers!

    After a lot of thinking, I have decided it is time to look at the way some of the things on the wiki work to make this community thrive a bit more than it has recently. (Yes I have noticed the decline in likes of any actual community at all as well, we'll have to talk about that at some point, for now however, this is more important.)

    The first thing that I believe needs looking at and rethinking is the NewlyCreatedStub Rule. It's one of those things that makes the wiki so intimidating for new users, I think. (I also personally struggle with this rule myself. Oof.) And it has caused a lot of potential new permanent editors to just,…

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  • AbsolTheHiroPone

    Hello there wikians!

    There are some updates and reminders I have for you all, so let’s get in to this.
    As an unrelated personal side note, I really do not like using the MM/DD/YY format for dating things (I'm British) so this is going to be fun already!
    Also first staff blog post from me. I feel a weird sense of pride in making this post, lol.

    Building on from the last community update, DinoBunnies has given Designer TayTay and I bureaucrat rights, and made us permanent admins of the wiki. This was due to DinoBunnies now being only semi active on the wiki, and the wiki needing active bureaucrats.

    There are still some things I cannot take care of just yet, but I’m trying my best to learn, but if I am struggling with something I will step back an…

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  • SnowGem

    Hey again community!

    For those of you who know me at all…I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me and I’ll admit, I didn’t think I’d ever write another staff blog post, but here I am! So, before I get into anything, I did just want to clarify that I haven’t returned the wiki permanently and I won’t be returning permanently, either. I’m just here to take care of a couple of things and help out a little for probably a few more days (and maybe check back in in a couple of weeks or months).

    With that said, let’s get into this! So first, one pretty big update!

    Our head admin DinoBunnies is currently very busy with other priorities in their life, so to ease the workload on them a little and ensure our wiki is as safe as possible, two…

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  • DinoBunnies

    Hey there!

    It's been a while since I've made any blog post as well as being "made" the head admin on here. There are a few things I'd like to update and remind you guys on.

    The Wiki Twitter
    We have a new Twitter for the wiki. We still have the same username, but the account has been re-created. If you want to know about new updates, you should consider re-following us!
    The Staff Noticeboard
    I recently re-made the Staff Noticeboard. That way any new users can see the threads there + I'll be following the thread.

    Naming Personal Files
    I understand that some of you are new to this wiki; however, we have a policy on naming personal photos. Recently, there have been a lot of personal photos without the proper name. Please look at this guideline to nam…

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  • SnowGem

    Hey there community!
    It's been quite some time, but I'm here with the update to our last community discussion. Apart from personal reasons and life keeping myself and some of the other editors who were helping with this busy, the lack of clear discussion (it was favorable, but just unclear), files being lost, the complexity of this project, and the amount of work needed to make this change were the reasons why this update took so long. Without further ado though, let's get into this change!

    As noted, this was a big change and it took a lot of time, so before getting into anything else, I encourage you all to re-visit (if you missed it or are new, simply visit) the community discussion we had to remember the reasons why we made this change. Now …

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  • SnowGem

    Hello moviestars, contributors, editors, wikians, or whatever else you may find to be a fitting title.

    Halloween is close around the corner, and I'm betting most of you who celebrate it already know what you plan to dress up as, but if you don't, might I suggest you be a detective?
    That is, of course, only if you don't plan to take my offer to become...somewhat of a wiki detective right now.

    Yes, that's right! I'm here today to offer all of you the chance to become a detective for our Halloween event! So if you're interested, take a look below!

    Your mission:
    Step 1: Locate an article about a moviestar with an unfinished about section.
    Step 2: Gather information on said moviestar.
    Step 3: Expand the about section.

    Now that's of course your mission in …

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  • SnowGem

    This discussion is no longer active. Please go to the update.

    Hello there fellow contributors!
    So our community conversation regarding this subject has ended, and it ended with particpants talking about the good which could/will come from doing something like this. So, because of that, we can now began to seriously consider this change.

    For those of you who maybe didn't check into the CC or need a refresher, we went over/discussed the following about articles on high-scoring moviestars:

    • These articles are important and beneficial because they attract a lot of attention to our wiki and are articles that our readers view most.
    • It's important that we have these articles on the wiki, even incomplete, because these articles will likely attract …

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  • SnowGem

    Hello again fellow contributors and moviestars!
    So this discussion was pretty delayed and was quite slow, however, I think it's fair to assume we've made a decision for the time being.

    According to the votes, what we've decided upon is: using design/background for the infoboxes and not using gendered backgrounds.

    You'll begin seeing this change as soon the css updates for you.

    Happy editing!

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