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Yowane Haku

Bex is a regular user on Moviestarplanet (UK). She is level 35 (Trending Movie Star). She was the first user to be at the top of the leaderboard but was later passed by Ishacool.


Bex was one of the first users to join MovieStarPlanet on the UK server. She's earned most of her fame through her movies and looks.

Bex's movies were created in the years 2010 and 2011. The movies were highly viewed and rated. She became extremely popular for her unique style and movies which led her to the top spot of the leaderboard in 2011. She got on consistently until about the beginning of 2013 she begin to not log onto MSP as much unless it was to change her outfit. Since then, Bex only rarely logs on due to her real life schedule and getting older. She still gets many comments in her guestbook daily from users praising her for her 9 year old account.

Usual Appearance and Style

Bex has fair pale skin, light orange cool cat lips, and brown eyes. Her style is nerdy with a touch of kawaii. She enjoys cosplaying anime with her looks and just making her own looks of her unique style.


  • She is from Norway. 
  • Her favorite animal is a cat, and she has two cats.
  • Her favorite beverage is tea.
  • She enjoys bands.
  • She enjoys binge watching TV series.
  • She has approximately 300,000 profile views.
  • She is very fond of Japan and the Harajuku girl style.
  • She has another account called x3.
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