Fashionable Movie Star
Member Since: November 2016
x Blueberry&Sour x

>Beow< is a regular player on Moviestarplanet (UK). She is level 25 (Fashionable Movie star).


>Beow<, or known as Ciphique on Twitter, joined Moviestarplanet in November 2016 and currently has 1002 views on her profile. She is the creator of Team Satanique and is well known for her YouTube channel and her drawings. She posts pictures, usually her drawings or edits on MSP and gets between 0-20 views on each of them. She makes giveaway artbooks and they recieve between 0-30 loves. She doesn't create movies that often but she has created 2 and they both have got 3 and 5 views. >Beow< creates a lot of looks, her style is very 'street', sometimes casual. Her looks get between 0-10 loves and not many buys. When she is online she is usually seen in the Café chat room or she is making looks. >beow< leveled from level 22 to level 24 within 2-3 days and that made her very happy.

Usual Appearance and Style

>Beow< likes to wear street style, and black but sometimes has bits of light clothing in there. She has a pointy nose, brown "Pretty Perfect" eyes, brown "Perfect Pout" lips and pale skin and light eye-shadow. She makes a lot of looks but doesn't get many loves on them.


  • Her birthday is on the 24th of November.
  • She has Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • She enjoys reading manga.
  • Her favorite food is mashed potatoes with beans and cheese.
  • She created her account in November 2016.
  • She dislikes Starbucks.
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