Becca Beats
Year Introduced: 2013
Appearances: See Section

Becca Beats is a main character on MovieStarPlanet. She is featured in the animations list for female MovieStars.


Name Type Category
Leopard Ruffles Tops Shirts
Action Packed Bottoms Shorts
Sporty Wedges Footwear Sneakers
Turnaround Tail Hair Styled
A unique version of Boomin' Beanie Accessories Hats
Loop Earrings Accessories Jewellery & Glasses
Tigerspray Tattoo Accessories Miscellaneous
Swag Beats Accessories Miscellaneous


  • She is used in the animations list and mobile shop for females.
  • She is in a news graphic related to animations.
  • She is featured on the cover of the Markwins MovieStarPlanet makeup kit along with her boonie.
  • She is featured on the homepage of the MovieStarPlanet merch shop.
  • She was featured in the level up message when the level system was updated.
  • She is featured in the in-game background "BFF Zone".
  • Her boonie, "Phunkee" is featured as one of the in-game purchasable boonies, in the in-game pop-up messages, and in the MSP game BooniePlanet.
  • She is on the cover of one and in various magazines.
  • She is in the Fame Rush mobile game.


  • An info card made for Becca.
  • Becca on the female animations listing.
  • Becca on the Markwins makeup kit.
  • Becca on the Markwins makeup kit.
  • Becca on the merch shop homepage.
  • Becca on the level up message for the new level system.
  • Becca in the BFF Zone in-game background.
  • Becca's boonie Phunkee.
  • Becca in a news graphic.
  • Becca in Fame Rush.
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