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BadBunneh is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 42 (Upvoted Movie Star).


BadBunneh is mostly known for being sweet and generous. She often gives out greets, wishlists, and gifts to anybody that asks when she can afford it. She likes to spend time creating artbooks and looks as well as spending time chatting with her friends and visiting chatrooms. She is used to creating movies but states that the laptop she uses nearly crashes each time now. She is known by her friends as 'Han'.

Usual Appearance and Style

BadBunneh has cute 'Pretty Perfect' eyes, pink 'Cherry gloss' lips, a pointy nose, and white eyeshadow. All of her outfits are girly, usually sporting a lot of pink or white and usually with skirts. She changes her look for every theme.


  • Her real name is Hannah
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