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Awards are a feature on MovieStarPlanet where a moviestar collects fame for achieving an award. The amount of fame varies from 125 fame to 500,000 fame, although the fame amounts are doubled while on Fame Booster.

Earning an Award

A moviestar can earn an award by doing a variety of things, including but not limited to spending Diamonds, buying clothing, items, or animations, or owning pets. Moviestars can also gain awards by getting views on Movies and loves on artbooks, looks, and their room. You can view the awards section by clicking 'My Profile' along the top of your screen and clicking the golden star icon along the top of your profile.


Award Stages

There are four award stages: Bronze Stage, Silver Stage, Gold Stage, and Diamond Stage. You can get an award for every stage, with each stage; the amount of fame for the award rises.

For example, spending 10 diamonds gains you the Bronze Stage award of 5,000 fame; spending 150 diamonds gains you the Silver Stage award of 50,000 fame; spending 750 diamonds gains you the Gold Stage award of 125,000 fame; spending 2,000 diamonds gains you the Diamond Stage award, the largest award, of 500,000 fame.


Claiming an Award

Claiming an award is pretty straight forward. When you have completed a stage of an award, a small pink circle will appear on the "My Profile" button with the number of awards you've completed inside of it. You can also see the stage your friends or other moviestars are currently at in their awards by going to their profile and clicking on "Awards".

Once you are in the awards page, you can go to the categories where you claim awards. There are four categories: My MSP, Creative, Social, and Shopping. A small pink circle will also appear on the section of your unclaimed award. When you are on the category of the award, you click the section where the pink circle appears again and a "Claim" button will appear under the stage name for you to click and claim the fame. If you go to the award and the "Claim" button is gray, you haven't completed the stage.



  • Famebooster applies when claiming fame from an award.
  • The awards feature unlocks when you reach level 4.
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