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Lifestyle Movie Star
Member Since: October, 2011

Ava20034 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 26 (Lifestyle MovieStar).


Ava20034 gained recognition by supporting ItzJerz, Kylie Kardash, and the rest of the Porter Family. She was originally a "Guardian Sister" when she was a Porter, a supporter of Pumpchkin, but has since become a "Jewel", a supporter of ItzJerz.
Ava often makes ongoing series and short movies. Her most popular series is "Deleted User" as each episode has over 40 views. She also creates artbooks, which are usually about bullying, a team leader, or dedication to a close friend or supporter. Her most popular artbook is called "Funny Texting!" with over 8,000 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Ava has light pink "Perfect Pout" lips, brown "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a pointed nose, and tanned skin. Her style is bold and spunky, and usually contains bright and dark colors. Many of her looks are from team leaders, but some are also her own.


  • She knows ItzDance in real life.
  • She loves volleyball.
  • She used to play softball, basketball, tennis, and soccer.
  • Her favorite musical artists are Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony.
  • Her favorite animals are dogs and tigers.
  • Her account was originally a backup for her previous account, "Alex4465". It was later deleted and Ava became her main.
    • "Lizzie10145" is her new account.
  • Her series "Deleted User" was based on a friend of hers who quit.
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