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Chic Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2013
! A Circus
! elly !

Ava is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). She is level 47 (Chic Movie Star), and on the third page (18th spot) of the ES highscores board.


Ava's fame began when she started making short movies and adding her friends in them. Her friends returned the favor by viewing them and adding her into their own movies, earning Ava a lot of her fame. She also earns a lot of fame by making her own accounts and having them watch her short movies. Ava is best known for her short movies and continues to earn fame through users watching them.

Ava only makes short movies. She has deleted all of her old short movies and currently only has four: ShortMovie 1-4. Ava's artbooks are mostly quotes. Her most popular artbook is "Titanic" with over 150 loves.

She has been inactive since 2017.

Usual Appearance and Style

Ava has olive green eyes, lightish skin, a round nose on which she always wears blush and freckles, and berry red lips. She wants to look like an angel. She generally wears light brown hairstyles and white outfits. In her looks, she usually mixes clothing from the weekly theme with other clothing in her wardrobe.


  • Her real name is Ava.
  • She's 18 years old.
  • Her birthday is July 1st.
  • She is Slovenian.
  • She speaks Slovene, English, and German.
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