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Major Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2011

Astrids is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (SE). She is level 68 (Major Movie Star).


Astrids started playing in early 2011 and has managed to make a name for herself by having so many movies on the top page. She went from level 35 to 66 in two years before she took a hiatus. She has started to become active again and has gained a lot of recognition recently by regularly making short movies and getting them to the top page. This has earned her a lot of fame and starcoins. When she is online, she usually chats with her friends, gives back autographs, and shops to make looks.
Astrids makes a lot of short movies that always end on the first page and get at least 100 views. Her most viewed movie is "KF - HALLOWEEN" with over 3000 views. She rarely makes ArtBooks, but when she does, they are usually competitions. They usually get 200-600 loves and end up on the first page.

Usual Appearance and Style

Astrids has light blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes with light brown eyebrows, a pointy nose, light pink "Cool Cat" lips, and a tan skin tone. She mainly wears beige, white and gray colors. She calls her style casual and usually wears outfits that match.


  • She is on the second page on the IE server's highscore page under the same username as on the SE server.
  • Her real name is Astrid
  • She is 17 years old
  • She has a cat called Diezel


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