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Artbooks are a way for moviestars, so they can express themselves. You can add text, backgrounds/wallpaper, items, clothing, yourself, other MovieStars, stickers, and shapes. There are two types of artbooks: old artbooks and new artbooks. New artbooks were added during an update in sometime during 2013. These artbook types have different editing screens. Currently, it's only possible to do an old artbook if you edit a previous old artbook.


  • Artbooks were introduced in May 2011.
  • During winter time, there are winter related stickers that can also be used in the Design Studio.
  • You can get 2-20 fame per each love.
  • New artbooks have a shorter name limit than old artbooks.
  • The backgrounds of clubs use the same layout as old artbooks.
  • In 2017, MSP launched an update where users cannot have YouTube videos in their artbooks anymore.
  • "Arty" or "AB" are terms players use to say Artbook.
  • After the removal of Youtube videos in artbooks, you can still click on a Youtube Video, if one is in a Artbook, for it to start playing.

Glitches & Errors

  • Three of the five text types don't work in the old artbooks. (Unpatched)
  • All backgrounds on old artbooks don't work anymore (Unpatched)
  • Players can add any user who hasn't blocked them to their artbooks by minimising the message window. (Works only with old artbooks)
  • YouTube videos didn't work on new artbooks. (Patched)
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