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Ari ;)
Awesome movie star
Ari ;).png
Member Since: May, 2012

Ari ;) is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 53 (Top Movie Star).


Ari is best known for co-creating the team "A-Listers" with her mother, QueenIIAimee, and for creating her team, "Elites". Ari temporarily disbanded "A-Listers" because of drama and other issues, but the team was restored by a new leader named "J A J A".

Ari gains most of her recognition through her friends and short movies that she starred in; she levels up through her movies and her artbooks. Also from the love that receives from her new team, Elites.
Most of her artbooks are about competitions going on in her team, but a few are about miscellaneous things such as holidays or inspirational sayings. Her movies are mainly short movies or short one-episode series. Her most popular movie is "GUESS MY CRUSH FOR VIP" with over 4987 views.
Recently, Ari has been extremely active.

Usual Appearance & Style

Ari has a tan skin tone, a pointy nose, pale gray-blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, and light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. She changes her appearance occasionally and tends to wear very colorful clothing with matching colors and many accessories, but she sometimes wears dark colors. She usually changes her clothing to match the current theme, but sometimes she changes just because she wants to. Most of her looks are for her team or to twin with her best friends.


  • Her account was deleted before, but she got it back.
  • Her #1 favorite artist is Drake.
  • Her real name is Arianna.
  • She has an account on the Canadian server under the username "ii arianna ii".
  • Her favorite colors are pink and blue.
  • She has a team called "The Elites" with over 5.5k members.
  • Her mother deleted her account on August 15th, 2015, but then made an account named "QueenIIAimee."
  • She has a YouTube channel that can be found here.
  • Her Twitter is MSP_Ari