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Member Since: November 2019

Animefan2000 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 8 (Fun Star).


She created this Account just for fun, she didn't intend on using it long, because she was active on "Animefan2000", but when she started to get popular in January/February 2020 she went inactive on Animefan2000 and started to play on this Account much more often. Soon this was her main Account. Her films were watched by many other Movie Stars and her Looks always had more than 30 love its. 

At the beginning of 2020 she was active on MSP This is how she got more and more popular. 

After that, she also A Bother Account Such As “Obama1234” 

In that time she managed to reach Level 8. 2020 was the time, when she was inactive, because she found MSP to be boring. 

Now, since 2020 Is Popular.

Usual Appearence and Style 

Animefan2000 has the Dark Cyan eyes (those without the "pupils") and usually wears Hot Pink Sushi dress, in Black Socks And Pink Shoes On This


Animefan2000 make any movies anymore, but a few years she made a few short movies and a few feries. Her best known series is.....


Animefan2000 rarely makes any ArtBooks, her First ArtBook from November 2019. Most of her ArtBooks were created to start giveaways or to search for role models in her movies.


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