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Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog
Superb Movie Star
Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog
Member Since: June, 2013
Silver Hopea
Bloom Rose
Cream the Rabbit

Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (FI). She is level 36 (Superb Movie Star).


Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog initially gained fame from starring in movie series' made by .Sonic the Hedgehog. Additionally, winning first place in the competition series "Sonic hahmojen kilpailu" gained her recognition.

In March 2014, Amy Rose started making the movie series "Sonic ja legenda epäilyksen pikarista", which is the sequel of .Sonic the Hedgehog's movie series "Sonic ja legenda sormusten houkutuksesta". For a few years, Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog got most of her fame from those movies, which were discontinued after 78 parts. The seven highest-rated movies of all time on the Finnish server are parts of this series or Sonic's series "Sonic ja legenda sormusten houkutuksesta", the prequel of Amy's series. Prior to this series, Amy made some shorter movie series, the most notable series being "KSOPL" ("KSOPL is short for "Kuinka sen olisi pitänyt loppua", which is Finnish for "How it should have ended", so "KSOPL" is Finnish for "HISHE").

While her movies are very well-known, her artbooks are not, although her artbook "Häät - Silver ♥ Amy" (häät is Finnish for wedding) placed third in the Christmas Wedding competition. Aside from this artbook, Amy makes many artbooks during the FIFA World Cups and UEFA European Championships showing the results, the date of every match, the group stages, and a bracket of the knockout stage. Her photos from 2014 are slightly more popular and are mostly screenshots of Sonic games.

Amy was temporarily inactive from September to October 2016, then returned until mid-2017 to continue her movie series. She returned again in May 2018 due to the FIFA World Cup but became inactive again after it ended.

Usual Appearance and Style

Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog has neon green eyes with white sparkly eyeshadow and is usually seen with pink hair, a red hairband, a red dress, and red shoes. This style is based on the looks of Amy Rose from the Sonic series. She also dresses based on the time of the year, as well as in other styles.


  • Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog is currently the highest-level Sonic user on Finnish MSP and the second to reach level 30.
  • Amy has been a VIP member four times: three times for a year and once for a year and ten weeks. Her most recent VIP membership ended in late 2017.
  • Her boyfriend, "Silver Hopea", is also one of .Sonic the Hedgehog's best friends.
  • Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog has eleven pets, one of which is not in her room due to limits.
    • She has all of the 2014 special summer Boonies.
  • One of her movies from late 2014 or early 2015 has Zac Sky in it, as the movie was made when Zac was Sam. Amy commented about it afterwards and even mentioned it in an artbook.
  • Her garden is based on the Christmas Wedding theme in 2014.
  • Amy Rose has her own club called "Amy Rose & teemaklubi" (Amy Rose & theme club).
    • She used a member of six clubs because she created her own club after joining five other clubs. However, one of the 6 clubs was apparently deleted in 2016.
  • She gained over 800,000 fame at once during her comeback as she was forced to open the Piggy Bank since her VIP membership had ended during her inactivity.
  • As of 2018, she only accesses MovieStarPlanet through the mobile app. Although she has never directly stated this on MSP, she hinted at it by stating in one of her ArtBooks that it was the best she could do on the mobile app.


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