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Ameilia Malfoy was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 21 (Loveable Movie Star).


Ameilia made artbooks for a variety of reasons, such as dedication to friends or things she loves, giveaways, or stuff about things that happened during the year. She has made many movie series, though most have been discontinued. She also made short movies.

She quit in 2014 and her account was deleted at the start of 2015.

Usual Appearance

Before Ameilia deleted her account, she had a pair of blue "Sweet Stuff" eyes with black eyeshadow, peach "Cool cat" lips, and gently tanned skin. Most of the time, you would catch her wearing a Harry Potter outfit, as that is her favorite movie series of all time. Her looks were often based on different people and themes; like My Little Pony. Most of her looks had blonde hair and light colors.


  • She owned a YouTube account, however she has either deleted it for an unknown reason or YouTube removed the channel.
  • She likes the characters Applejack and Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but doesn't consider herself a pegasister/brony.
  • She likes Monster High.
  • She likes rock music, and in particular, the band AC/DC.
  • She loves the Harry Potter series.
  • She has 5500 page views.
  • She likes the color black.
  • She likes singing, dancing, art, gymnastics, and gaming.


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