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Super Movie Star
Member Since: March, 2013

amberschatje3 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (IE). She is level 63 (Sparkling Movie Star), and in the 1st spot of the IE highscores board.


Amberschatje3 is well known for her short movies and artbooks, as one of her movies was on the first page of top in the entire server. She leveled up through movies, hard work, and determination. The majority of her movies are short movies with an occasional movie series. Her short movies receive 70-1700+ views and get released 3 times per week. Her artbooks regularly get around 70 to 800 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Amberschatje3 has brown eyes, peachy-pink lips, a freckled nose and a pale skin tone. Her looks regularly get around 60 to 1500 loves.


  • Her real name is Amber.
  • Amber is from the Netherlands, she moved to Ireland MSP because she wanted to improve her English.
  • She has been top on Ireland highscores for around four years.
  • She has had VIP for 4 years in total.
  • Her MSP profile page has over 150,000 views.
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